The business world is increasingly competitive and thus require more dedication of executives and company directors. Meetings, trips, dinners and other work commitments fill the 24 hours of high-ranking companies agenda.

A routine that can be injurious to health if it is not regularly evaluated and monitored. The stress caused by intense work routine can cause various diseases or aggravate chronic frames. It is important that professionals take time off for medical appointments and routine tests, because in this type of individuals the risk of heart disease reaches increased by nearly 200%.

The executive main risk factors are:

- Smoking;
- Wrong meal style;
- Wrong body weight;
- Working long hours without time for regular exercise;
- Constant stress.

All of these situations can contribute to coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. In association, most executives due to lifestyle, does not regularly perform appropriate medical supervision. In these cases, we found that screening, scan for life, embracing all the valences, is perfectly justified. In this sense it is advisable to executives conducting periodic examinations, because prevention is the best medicine.